First-timers and old pros, it’s time to get ready to ride! The Longview Rotary Club once again presents Tour de Blast, a bicycle ride into the heart of the Mount St. Helens blast zone!

June 17th, 2017

Online Registration is now closed but you still have a chance to enjoy the ride.
Day of ride registration is still OPEN.

Come join us at

Toutle Lake High School
5050 Spirit Lake Hwy
Toutle, WA 98649

Ride the new road into the Mount St. Helens blast zone! The Spirit Lake Memorial Highway winds its way up the Toutle Valley to the Johnston Ridge Viewpoint. This is an open highway ride. Most of the course is on new highway with wide shoulders and excellent visibility.

You decide what distance to ride!

Beginner Level:

53K (33-mile) round-trip fun ride to the Hoffstadt Bluffs Rest Area/Viewpoint. Approximately only a 900′ elevation gain.

Intermediate Level:

87K (54-mile) round trip to Elk Rock.

Advanced Level:

132K (82-mile) round trip to Johnston Ridge viewpoint.
This is a serious ride. If you think you have the gumption bring all you have because this is a truly hardcore ride.

News for 2017

The Tour de Blast is a great training opportunity for the STP. After you ride the mountain you are sure to be ready for the STP.

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We have a Camping option, and we’re on Facebook!
Note: The camping option will be located in the flat grassy field just before the baseball field at the Toutle Lake High School.


If you are interested in Longview Rotary or Tour de Blast in the slightest, you’ll want to stay in touch with us.

Longview Rotary Club Tour de Blast

P.O Box 1105
Longview, WA 98632
Or e-mail us at:


You MUST have a CPSC, SNELL, ASTM or ANSI approved helmet on or you will NOT be allowed to ride.

A standards approved helmet is required to ride A standards approved helmet is required to ride


Start the Registration process, or browse our site for more information.

Read the Welcome Letter, or 2009 Tour de Blast Information article. Great tips to prepare for the ride!

See the GPS Profile
Get a sense of what you will be encountering.  Use this elevation vs distance chart to plan ahead and have fun.

    We answer the who, what, where, when and why in our Rider Info section. You can also check out our ride profile or get directions to the ride.
    Registration for the Tour de Blast is now OPEN online. There is always the opportunity to register day of ride. However, to help us maintain the quality of this event, please register in advance and pay close attention to the following Registration Deadlines.  Late Registrants and day of ride registrations will not receive a Tek shirt. Check back for updates as the event approaches.
  • TESTIMONIALS & A Must Read!
    Read letters from past riders, and see what fun you have to look forward to!
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    Gear up for the Tour de Blast with these great rides!

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