Q: What are the Tek shirts made of, so that I know what size to pick?

A: The Tek shirts are made out of 100% polyester moisture wicking material. They run true to size. Below are mock-ups of what we are working towards at the moment. We will update when we have the final design and color.

2018 White Shirt Sample Image

click to see larger image

2018 Blue Shirt Sample Image

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Q:  Can I still get a Tek shirt?

A:  We still have t-shirts available from past rides in certain sizes.  If you would like to purchase a Tour de Blast Tek shirt or t-shirt please E-mail Us what year, and size you are requesting to make sure it is available, and then mail $20 (payable to The Rotary Foundation) to this address:

Cascade Networks Inc.
P.O. Box 887
Longview, WA 98632

Q: Can I camp at the Toutle Lake school?

A: The camping option will be located in the grassy field just before the baseball field at the Toutle Lake High School. Camping will be on a first come, first served basis for spot availability. You can register ahead of time online, or by mail simply by checking the camping option.

Q: Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

A: We are now on Facebook and look for us on Twitter too!

Q:  Can I get a Tek shirt day-of-ride?

A:  Day of ride registrations, or late registrations will not receive a Tek shirt as disclosed on the website.  There may be some Tek shirts available for purchase if we have extra. Please check at the day of ride registration table before the ride, or at the pasta feed after the ride.

Q:  How do I get a Mail-in registration form?

A:  Please click the link to the Registration page.  Here you will find a link to register to pay with your credit card, or print your own Mail-in Registration.

Q:  How far is it to Toutle, WA?

A:  Please go to a website such as www.google.com/maps and enter this address for your map search:  5050 Spirit Lake Hwy, Toutle, WA 98649.  You can also click the map link on Active.com just before you click the Register Now button.

Q:  Can I get added to your mailing list?

A: Please click on Contact Us to submit a request to be added to our mailing list.

Q:  Can I get a refund?

A: There are no refunds. This is a charity fund raising event for the Longview Rotary Foundation. If you cannot make it please contact us prior to the posted registration closing date and time for the current ride. No changes will be accepted after 5 pm Pacific Time for the current ride’s posted Registration Deadline. We must enforce this policy as weather may affect your decision to ride, and we have no control over this. Thank you for your patience and understanding on this policy.

Please choose ONE of the following options if you are unable to participate, and Contact Us with your request (prior to the registration deadline):

  1. If you can find a substitute rider you can have them print the registration form from our website and send it in.  Please have them note that they are taking your place.  We must have this so there is a signed waiver on file.
  2. We can mail your t-shirt (if selected) to you.
  3. You can have your registration fee applied to next year.


Q: My ride packet has not been sent to me? How do I get it?

A: In the past we have mailed out ride packets. The past several years we have asked that you pick them up day of ride at the registration table. It has helped to cut down costs, and ensure that we can make it a much more quality event. Many riders have raved about how fast they were able to get their packets day of ride. Be sure to check out their comments on the Testimonial pages.

Q:  What are you doing to ensure the ride does not run out of food at the rest stops?

A:  All rest stops are carefully monitored and properly supplied with water and snacks.  Check out the Testimonials pages for great comments from riders to see what a great success the rides have been!

Q:  How can I find out about pictures from a past Tour de Blast?

A:  By contacting the photographer, John Brunk at www.brunkphoto.com

Q: What types of bikes and helmets are allowed in the event?

A: Whatever style of bicycle you are comfortable with. The only rule is: You MUST have a CPSC, SNELL, ASTM or ANSI approved helmet on or you will NOT be allowed to ride.

Q: What if I only want to do the fun ride to the first pit stop?

A: You do not have to specify what distance you are planning on riding when you register. The length of the ride is up to you. We have tried to list the distances and elevation gains to better inform riders of various ability levels.

Q: If I register can I buy an extra meal ticket for a friend that will not be participating?

A: Yes, non participants can purchase a meal ticket for $5.00 at the pasta feed.

Q: How many riders usually attend?

A: Approximately 1600 riders attend.

Q: Does the ride sell out?

A: It has in the past. We try to accomodate as many riders as we can, but we still want to keep it a quality event. Please check back often for updates as the event approaches. We will post it on the home page if the event is full. The only way we can guarantee you a spot in the ride is if you register early.

Q: Is registration allowed day of ride?

A: We usually accept a limited number of riders day of ride. This is subject to availability. At some point we have to cut it off to keep it a quality event. Please check back often for updates as the event approaches. We will post it on the home page if the event is full.

Q: What is the weather going to be like up there?

A: We wish we could predict the weather for you, and ensure a perfect ride every year. However, we have found that if you go to weather.com or your favorite link and enter the zip code for Toutle, WA: 98649 you can get pretty close. Please come prepared for changing weather conditions since you can never predict how it will be in the upper elevations.

Q: How are the roads?

A: The U. S. Forest Service clears the road each year in time for the anniversary of the big eruption (May 18th). The ride takes place on a paved state highway. You can visit the Forest Service site for more information at: Current Conditions

Q: What other maps are there of the area?

A: Gifford Pinchot Map

Q: What other activities are there to do while we are visiting the Mt. St. Helens area?

A: Please visit this link for more visitor information: Mt. St. Helens Visitor Info

Q: Where can I stay, or eat while I am in the area?

A: Please click on this link to take you to our Accommodations page.

Q: What rides do you recommend for me to train for this one?

A: Please click on this link for Other Rides.

Q: What if my question was not answered here?

A: Please click here to Contact Us with your question.

Q: Who designed that fantastic design for the ride this year?

A: Graticle Logo